Services We Offer

Your vision is invaluable. In fact, it is difficult to quantify just how important it is. It is certain, though, that both loss of vision and the preservation of it can be life changing. It is for this reason that the team at Dr. Michael Johnson & Associates Family Eyecare & Optical makes it our mission to ensure patients’ lives are changed for the better. This is accomplished by providing thorough eye exams and quality eyecare using state-of-the-art equipment. By pairing Dr. Johnson’s extensive knowledge and experience in visual development with his familiarity with systemic and neurological issues that affect vision, we are able to offer the very best in eyecare services to patients across northeast Alabama.

Some of the services we offer include:

Eye Exams

Regular, comprehensive eye exams are an integral part of eye care for the whole family.

Pediatrics/Developmental Exams

When examining our pediatric patients, Dr. Johnson provides testing for developmental issues and eye alignment.

Medical Diagnostic Testing

With state-of-the-art diagnostic and testing equipment, Dr. Johnson can detect early signs of diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, and other systemic or neurological issues affecting vision.

Neuro Optometric Rehabliation

Dr. Johnson is skilled in diagnosing and treating visual impairment caused by a brain injury, as well as formulating a plan for rehabilitation.

Eye Health for Athletes

From removing foreign bodies in the eye to evaluating an eye impact injury, Dr. Johnson can assess and treat a wide range of sports-related eye problems.

Vision Development & Learning

Vision plays a key role in learning. It is important to be able to determine if a learning difficulty is due to a vision problem.